Anatomy 1st Year MBBS Books

Introduction Anatomy 1st Year MBBS Books: When starting their journey in the field of medicine, first-year MBBS students are introduced to the fundamentals of anatomy. Anatomy is the study of the structure and organization of the human body, and it forms the foundation for understanding various medical disciplines. Studying anatomy in the first year of…

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1st Year MBBS Books

Introduction to 1st Year MBBS Books When starting their journey in medical school. First-year MBBS students need to have the right books to guide them through their studies. These books are essential for building a strong foundation in medical knowledge and understanding. The selection of appropriate books is crucial. As it can greatly impact the…

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Dr. Taimoor Asghar - Founder of Achawaqat.com

Dr. Taimoor Asghar

Hey there! I’m Dr. Taimoor Asghar, a dedicated healer, gaming enthusiast, sketch-artist in training, and your personal guide through the fascinating maze of medicine. From my humble beginnings in the beautiful outskirts of Chishtian, to the bustling city-life of Lahore, I’ve journeyed far and wide through the world of healthcare. Now, I’m here to share…

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Dr. Asad Arbab

Dr. Asad Arbab, a dedicated medical practitioner, possesses a profound passion for healing and a unique talent for crafting engaging poetry and concise prose. On the cricket field, he is a formidable force, seamlessly blending his remarkable skills with exceptional sportsmanship. Whether he is saving lives or weaving heartfelt verses, Dr. Arbab’s unwavering commitment and…

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