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Forensic SEQs : Past Paper


This page presents a collection of Forensic SEQs modules, resources, and study guides that span a variety of subjects, with a special emphasis on forensic science. They range from comprehensive year-end reviews to specific examination preparatory materials, and from basic course modules to advanced question collections. The content offered here is aimed at both budding learners and established professionals in the field, providing them with invaluable insights and knowledge reinforcement tools.


A 2018 Prof Solved

This section deals with a comprehensive solution guide from 2018, referred to as “2018 Prof Solved”. This guide provides invaluable assistance to professionals and students seeking answers or insights to complex issues encountered in their field during the year 2018.

2k18 Proff Solved.pdf

2018 Prof

“2018 Prof” is a reference guide or a compilation of significant occurrences, insights, or developments in the professional domain for the year 2018. It’s a valuable resource for professionals and scholars keen on understanding the trends and shifts during that year.

Annual 2016

“Annual 2016” is a yearly roundup that presents a detailed summary of the important events, trends, and developments that occurred in the year 2016. This overview provides a year-in-review perspective for various fields or sectors.

Forensic Annual 2013

“Forensic Annual 2013” is a yearly summary of forensic science, featuring significant advancements, case studies, and findings in the field that occurred during 2013. It’s an essential resource for forensic professionals and enthusiasts.

Forensic Annual 2014

The “Forensic Annual 2014” is a comprehensive year-end review of the significant developments, breakthroughs, and high-profile forensic cases that emerged during 2014. This report is a valuable resource for forensic scientists and anyone interested in the evolution of forensic science.

Forensic Annual 2015

“Forensic Annual 2015” is a consolidated report of all the significant progressions, findings, and notable case studies related to forensic science that transpired during 2015. It offers readers a wide perspective on the state of forensic science in that year.

Forensic Annual 2017

The “Forensic Annual 2017” provides a detailed overview of the major forensic advancements, noteworthy cases, and trends seen in the field of forensic science in 2017. It serves as a crucial resource for understanding the trajectory of forensic science during this year.

Forensic Annual 2018

“Forensic Annual 2018” is an exhaustive review of the significant developments and trends in forensic science that emerged during 2018. It highlights key case studies, innovative techniques, and advancements that shaped the field in that year.

Forensic Annual 2021

The “Forensic Annual 2021” report is a comprehensive summary of the notable advances, findings, and high-profile cases in forensic science during 2021. It offers invaluable insights into the latest techniques and trends in the field.

Forensic Prof-19

“Forensic Prof-19” refers to a detailed professional guide or summary of forensic science for the year 2019. It is a key resource for professionals in the field, providing an overview of significant forensic trends, case studies, and advancements that occurred in 2019.


2020 Send Up

“2020 Send Up” serves as a review or practice guide for key areas of interest from the year 2020. It typically focuses on preparing readers for upcoming challenges or opportunities based on the experiences and lessons from that year.

Forensic Sendup 2012

“Forensic Sendup 2012” is a preparatory guide for forensic science, focusing on the essential highlights and insights from the year 2012. It aims to equip forensic professionals and enthusiasts with the knowledge gained during that year.

Forensic Sendup 2013

The “Forensic Sendup 2013” report offers a comprehensive review of forensic science from 2013. It’s intended to help forensic professionals prepare for future endeavors by reflecting on the significant findings, trends, and case studies of that year.

Forensic Sendup 2016

“Forensic Sendup 2016” is a preparatory guide that features the notable developments and case studies in forensic science from 2016. It’s designed to equip forensic professionals with the necessary knowledge and insights from that year.

Forensic Sendup 2018

The “Forensic Sendup 2018” is a comprehensive preparatory guide that highlights the major breakthroughs, trends, and case studies from the field of forensic science in 2018. It serves as an invaluable resource for individuals planning to advance their forensic knowledge and skills.

Forensic Sendup 2021

“Forensic Sendup 2021” is a detailed review of the significant advances, case studies, and trends in forensic science that emerged during 2021. It’s aimed at preparing professionals for future challenges and opportunities in the field of forensics.

Forensic Sendup MCQs 2018

“Forensic Sendup MCQs 2018” is a compilation of multiple-choice questions based on the key findings and advancements in forensic science during 2018. It provides an effective way to test and enhance one’s knowledge and understanding of the field.

Send Up 2018

“Send Up 2018” is a review guide that highlights the key events, trends, and insights from various sectors in 2018. It serves as a comprehensive resource for individuals looking to understand and learn from the significant happenings of that year.

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Send up 2018.pdf

A Send Up 2021

“Send Up 2021” is a year-end review that encapsulates the critical insights and developments from various fields in 2021. This guide is designed to help individuals prepare for future challenges by drawing lessons from the past year.

Sendup 2015

“Sendup 2015” offers a year-end review of the significant events, trends, and insights from various fields in 2015. It serves as a vital resource for those looking to understand and learn from the key happenings of that year.

Sendup 2018

“Sendup 2018” is a comprehensive roundup of the major developments and trends across different sectors during the year 2018. This guide provides readers with valuable insights into the significant events of the year.

Sendup 2019 (2)

“Sendup 2019 (2)” is a follow-up or additional review of the major events, trends, and insights from various sectors in 2019. It is an extended resource that offers even more in-depth learning from the important occurrences of that year.

Solved 2019 Send Up by Mirza Abubakar

“Solved 2019 Send Up by Mirza Abubakar” is a detailed solution guide for the year 2019, authored by Mirza Abubakar. This resource provides solutions and explanations for the complex challenges and issues faced in various fields during that year.

Solved 2019 Send Up by Mirza Abubakar.pdf


1st Module

The “1st Module” is the initial section of a particular course or training program. It typically introduces the basic concepts, principles, and skills that will be further developed throughout the course.

5th Module

The “5th Module” refers to the fifth segment of a specific training program or course. This module usually builds upon the knowledge and skills imparted in the previous modules and might introduce more complex concepts or practices.

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2020 Solved

“2020 Solved” is a compilation of solutions and explanations to complex issues or problems encountered in various fields during the year 2020. It’s a useful resource for understanding and learning from the past challenges.


“2020” is a year-specific summary or review of significant events, trends, or advancements across different sectors. It provides a snapshot of the year’s main happenings and breakthroughs.

Asphyxia Drowning Forensic Anatomy 1st Grand

“Asphyxia Drowning Forensic Anatomy 1st Grand” is a specialized resource focused on the forensic examination of cases involving asphyxia and drowning. It’s aimed at providing detailed insights into the anatomical implications of such cases, and it may be the first in a series of similar resources.

Forensic 5th Module

“Forensic 5th Module” is the fifth section of a course or program specifically related to forensic science. This module likely dives into more advanced areas of the field, building on the concepts and skills taught in the earlier modules.

Forensic Medicine & Toxicology 2005-19 NMU

“Forensic Medicine & Toxicology 2005-19 NMU” is a comprehensive compilation of forensic medicine and toxicology topics and case studies from the years 2005 to 2019. It may be associated with an institution or program, such as NMU

Forensic Misc. SEQs

“Forensic Misc. SEQs” refers to a collection of Single Best Answer Questions (SEQs) from various topics within the field of forensic science. These questions aim to test a wide range of knowledge and are useful for preparation or review purposes.

Forensic SEQs+MCQs

“Forensic SEQs+MCQs” is a compilation of Single Best Answer Questions and Multiple-Choice Questions related to forensic science. This resource is designed to challenge and enhance the learner’s knowledge of the field.

Forensic SEQs+Notes

“Forensic SEQs+Notes” is a compilation of Single Best Answer Questions along with accompanying notes on various topics in forensic science. This resource offers comprehensive learning material for both theory and practical aspects of forensics.

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Forensic SEQs+Notes.pdf

Forensics 1

“Forensics 1” is likely the initial course or module in a sequence of forensic science studies. It introduces the basic concepts and principles of the field.

Forensics 2

“Forensics 2” is the follow-up to “Forensics 1”, delving deeper into the field of forensic science. This course or module likely builds on the fundamentals introduced in the previous section, introducing more advanced theories and practices.


“SEQS 2” is a set of Single Best Answer Questions, and it is likely a second installment or advanced level of such question series. This collection aims to test and improve the learner’s knowledge of a certain field.

SEQs by Mirza Abubakar

“SEQs by Mirza Abubakar” is a compilation of Single Best Answer Questions compiled or written by Mirza Abubakar. This collection likely covers various topics in a specific field, providing a comprehensive review or test resource.

TSEQs by Mirza Abubakar.pdf


“SEQs” refers to a collection of Single Best Answer Questions covering various topics. These questions are a common way to test knowledge in specific fields, providing a valuable resource for learners preparing for exams or professionals wishing to refresh their knowledge.


The array of materials presented on this page represents a valuable pool of knowledge and resources, particularly in the field of forensic science. Whether you’re seeking to delve into the basics, explore advanced concepts, or simply prepare for a test or assessment, you’re sure to find the appropriate material here. Stay tuned for more resources and guides to further expand your learning horizons.

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