Operation Notes for Open Appendectomy

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Operation Notes for Open Appendectomy: An open appendectomy is a surgical procedure where the appendix is removed through a single larger incision in the lower right area of the abdomen. It is one of the approaches to treat acute appendicitis, and may be chosen over a laparoscopic approach under certain circumstances such as severe infection or rupture of the appendix.

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Procedure: Open Appendectomy


  • Positioning:
    • The patient was positioned in a supine position with arms tucked at the sides.
  • Skin Preparation:
    • The right lower quadrant of the abdomen was cleaned and draped in a sterile fashion.
  • Incision:
    • A McBurney’s or gridiron incision was made in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen.
  • Dissection:
    • The layers of the abdominal wall were sequentially incised and dissected. The peritoneum was carefully opened.
  • Appendix Identification:
    • The appendix was identified, mobilized, and the mesoappendix was divided using a combination of electrocautery and ligatures.
  • Appendix Removal:
    • The base of the appendix was doubly ligated with silk sutures and then the appendix was transected. The appendiceal stump was buried by inversion into the cecum using a purse-string suture if deemed necessary by the surgeon. The removed appendix was sent for histopathologic examination.
  • Peritoneal Cavity Inspection:
    • The peritoneal cavity was carefully inspected for any other pathology and any signs of spillage from the appendix.
  • Hemostasis:
    • Hemostasis was checked and confirmed.
  • Closure:
    • The peritoneum and muscle layers were closed using absorbable sutures. The skin was closed using non-absorbable sutures or staples and dressed appropriately.
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Postoperative Plan: [As suggested by surgeon]

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