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SK Files The latest offerings from NISHTAR PUBLICATIONS are a collection of six books, SK 11 to SK 16, designed to provide an extensive understanding of various subjects. Dr Atif Afzal’s updated notes play a significant role in these books. They include new topics added, a quick review of major FCPS-1 topics, and the most authentic points with references. All papers are solved and keys are reviewed by Dr Atif Afzal himself, ensuring top-notch quality and accuracy.

SK 11

SK 11 is the first book in the series that brings fresh insights into the world of medicine. The new topics added and quick review sections are particularly helpful for beginners and those revisiting the subject.

SK 12

Building upon the success of SK 11, SK 12 offers an in-depth exploration of various FCPS-1 topics. The references and authentic points provided in the book by Dr Atif Afzal ensure a robust understanding of the subject matter.

SK 13

It SK 13 stands out with its unique blend of authenticity and comprehensiveness. The solutions provided and keys reviewed by Dr Atif Afzal make it a reliable guide for students aiming for mastery in their field.

SK 14

If you are looking for a quick yet thorough review, SK 14 is your go-to book. With its focus on major FCPS-1 topics, this book enables students to revise effectively, helping them excel in their exams.

SK 15

It is the most detailed book in the series, containing the most authentic points with references. It acts as an encyclopedia for anyone seeking to delve deep into the subject, with expert insights provided by Dr Atif Afzal.

SK15 Gynae and Obs

Focused on Gynecology and Obstetrics, SK15 Gynae and Obs is tailored for specialists in this field. Its clear focus on key phrases and related key terms makes it an engaging and essential guide for both students and professionals.

SK15 Medicine and Allied

It dives into the world of internal medicine and related fields. The book’s comprehensive approach ensures that all major topics are covered with precision and clarity.

SK15 Radio & Anesthesia

A unique addition to the series, SK15 Radio & Anesthesia is dedicated to Radiology and Anesthesia. Its specialized content is curated with care by Dr Salahuddin Kamal, making it an indispensable resource in these niche areas.

SK15 Surgery & Allied

Lastly, SK15 Surgery & Allied is the definitive guide for surgical practices and allied subjects. The well-structured content and engaging writing make it an essential handbook for aspiring surgeons and medical professionals.

SK 500 Golden Points: The Essential Highlights

The SK 500 Golden Points book is a remarkable compilation of key insights and crucial information. It distills complex topics into easily digestible points, making it an invaluable resource for quick reference and revision.

SK Pink 4th Edition August

The SK Pink 4th Edition August is updated with the latest information and designed to assist in thorough revision. Its comprehensive structure ensures that students have all the tools they need to succeed in their examinations.

SK 16

Lastly, SK 16 acts as a complete package, incorporating all the essential elements of the previous books. It’s a one-stop solution for anyone looking to gain a full understanding of the field.


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