close up of love locks on the bridge

Unlocking Love: Pheromones, Affection, and the Tradition of Love Locks

The tradition of Love Locks, an enduring symbol of love and commitment, has its own charm and controversy. The way two people fall in love is an intriguing play of hormones and pheromones that can result in a strong bond, but the reality of love and marriages often transcends the symbolic commitment of Love Locks. Mirza Ghalib’s verses beautifully capture the paradox of love. Pheromones, the silent players in the story of love, are also part of the larger system of nature, seen not just in humans but in the animal and plant kingdoms too. Balancing pheromone-driven attractions and the need for enduring affection calls for timely marriages and adherence to religious commandments that serve to protect the family system.

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