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CPSP Medical Registration Process

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Introduction to Medical Registration

CPSP Medical Registration Process: The medical registration process is a vital step for both fresh medical graduates and those seeking to reapply or renew their professional credentials. It serves as the gateway to official recognition and authorization to practice within a particular jurisdiction. This process often involves several meticulous steps, including the submission of various original documents, attestation by authorized individuals, and compliance with specific guidelines. The accuracy and authenticity of the information provided are paramount, as they form the basis for further professional opportunities and affiliations.

Target Audience: Fresh Graduates and Repeaters

This comprehensive guide aims to cater to two primary groups: Fresh Graduates and Repeaters. Fresh Graduates are those who have recently completed their medical degrees, such as MBBS, and are applying for registration for the first time. Repeaters are individuals who have previously applied for registration and are now seeking renewal or reapplication. The process for each group has unique elements tailored to their specific situations. Understanding the distinction between these categories and following the corresponding instructions is vital for a successful application.

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Importance of Following the Guide

The purpose of this blog is to provide a clear and concise pathway to navigate the often complex and multi-faceted process of medical registration. From selecting the registration type to submitting the original documents and understanding the attestation requirements, this guide will be a valuable resource. Moreover, it includes specific instructions related to common issues, such as how to handle attachments from Google Drive and how to proceed if certain browsers present challenges. Following this guide ensures a smooth and error-free application process, helping applicants avoid unnecessary delays and frustrations.

By breaking down the process into manageable steps and explaining each in detail, this introduction sets the stage for a comprehensive exploration of the medical registration process.

Step 1: Online Application Form

Choosing Registration Type: Fresh or Repeater

The initial step in the application process requires applicants to identify themselves as either Fresh or Repeater. Fresh applicants are those applying for the first time and must enter their PMDC number and email address. Repeaters, those reapplying or renewing, must provide their enrollment number. This classification ensures that each applicant follows the correct pathway tailored to their specific situation.

Details for Fresh Applicants: PMDC Number and Email Verification

Fresh graduates must provide their PMDC number, a unique identifier that helps verify their medical credentials. Additionally, they must enter a valid email address where a verification code will be sent. This two-step verification process enhances the security of the application and ensures that the email address provided is valid and accessible by the applicant.

Details for Repeaters: Enrollment Number

Repeaters are required to enter their enrollment number, a specific identifier from their previous application or registration. This number helps in retrieving their existing information, making the process more efficient and streamlined.

Completing the Form and Receiving PDF

Enter the verification code, and you will be redirected to the actual form. You must fill out this form completely and accurately. When you submit the form, the system will generate a PDF file containing a unique form number. You will use this critical form number in Step 2 of the application process.

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Contact Information for Assistance

Understanding that applicants might face difficulties, contact information is provided for immediate assistance. Any queries or concerns can be addressed via Tel #: 021-111-606-606 or email at This support ensures that applicants have a resource to turn to if they encounter any challenges.

Step 2: Professional Qualification : CPSP Medical Registration Process

Degree Specifications: MBBS

The professional qualification starts with the specification of the applicant’s medical degree. Whether it is an MBBS, MD, or any other recognized medical degree, this information forms the cornerstone of the applicant’s professional identity. It is crucial to provide accurate details of the degree earned, as this reflects the applicant’s training and expertise in the medical field.

Country and Institute Details

Next, the applicant must provide details about the country in which they earned their degree and the institute where they studied. Recognized institutes enhance the credibility of the applicant’s qualifications, aligning with the international standards of medical education. If the institute is not listed in the predefined options, there is typically an “Other Institute” field where details can be manually entered, such as “Azra Naheed Medical College.”

Passing Year

Including the passing year is essential, as it indicates when the applicant completed their professional training. This information may influence the validity of the applicant’s credentials and compliance with specific regulations or requirements, such as ongoing professional development or recertification. Providing the accurate passing year ensures that the applicant’s record is up-to-date and aligns with the regulatory body’s expectations.

Step 3: Submitting the Online Application Form : CPSP Medical Registration Process

Examination Fee Deposit Instructions

Before proceeding with the online application form, it is essential to deposit the examination fee first. This fee is mandatory and enables the applicant to move forward in the application process.

Attaching Original Documents: Attestation Requirements

All attached documents must be original and scanned as PDF files. Applicants must note the specific guidelines for attestation. The attesters of documents must be authorized individuals, such as Fellow of the College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan with his Fellowship Number, Principal/Professor of PMDC approved Medical College/Postgraduate Medical Institute, or Medical Superintendent / Head of the Medical Institutions. Following these attestation requirements verifies the authenticity of the documents and enhances the credibility of the application.

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Original Scan Copies Only

Applicants must provide original scan copies of their documents. Photocopies or altered scans will not be accepted. This insistence on original scans emphasizes the importance of transparency and authenticity in the application process.

Required Documents: Step 1 Application Form

The application form from Step 1, along with CPSP paid vouchers, must be attached. This PDF document serves as the official application and must be preserved for future reference.

Attested Picture

(White background, consultant, with CPSP number)

A recent attested photograph with a clear identity and white background is required. The attestation must meet the stipulated criteria, ensuring that the photo is current and professionally acceptable.

CPSP Medical Registration Process

CNIC: Computerized National Identity Card

The CNIC, or Computerized National Identity Card, must be attached in its original form. This vital document confirms the applicant’s citizenship and personal details.


The original MBBS/MD/BDS Degree or Provisional MBBS/BDS Certificate must be attached. These documents validate the applicant’s educational qualifications and eligibility for registration.

PMDC Certificate

A valid PMDC/PMC Registration Certificate or renewal receipt plus provisional PMDC/PMC Registration certificate must be provided. These confirm the applicant’s standing within the professional regulatory body.

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House Job Certificate

The applicant must attach a One-year permanent/provisional House Job completion Certificate from HOI on the institute’s letterhead. This document proves the completion of necessary professional training.

Change Request (If any)

If there are any change requests related to the form, a scan copy of a handwritten application for any type of change request must be included.

Step 4: Notes & Warnings : CPSP Medical Registration Process

Attestation Requirements

You must give attention to the specific requirements for attesting documents. Only accept original scanned copies, and one of the authorized individuals listed, such as a Fellow of the College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan or a Principal/Professor of PMDC approved Medical College, must attest them. Following these attestation requirements is not just a formality; it’s a vital step to ensure the legitimacy and credibility of the documents.

Google Drive and Browser Compatibility Warning

Avoid attaching files directly from Google Drive; download files to local memory first and then attach them to prevent potential issues.

CPSP Medical Registration Process

Conclusion: CPSP Medical Registration Process

The process of registering for medical qualifications through the online application form is an intricate one, requiring attention to detail at every step. From selecting the correct registration type to providing accurate Professional Qualifications, following specific guidelines for Submitting the Online Application Form, and adhering to the Notes & Warnings, each step is crucial. The guidelines laid out ensure the integrity and transparency of the application process. The culmination of these steps leads to a successful registration, allowing medical professionals to validate their credentials and embark on or continue their careers. The process reflects the high standards expected within the medical community and emphasizes the importance of professionalism, accuracy, and adherence to protocol.

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