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Case Study : Grave’s Disease

This detailed case study focuses on a 13-year-old girl, Miss Ayesha, who presents with a range of seemingly unrelated symptoms, including frequent nosebleeds, increased heart rate, heat intolerance, and eye bulging. Through a comprehensive analysis of her symptoms, medical history, physical examination, and laboratory findings, we journey towards a potential diagnosis of Graves' disease. This exploration underlines the importance of a holistic and multidimensional approach in medical diagnostics, highlighting the value of laboratory tests, the role of family history, and the criticality of interdisciplinary collaboration. The case study ends with a focus on chronic disease management, emphasizing not just medical treatments but also patient education and psychological support.

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Case Study: Secondary Amenorrhoea in a Young Female Post Marriage

This case study delves into the complex process of diagnosing and managing secondary amenorrhoea in a young female patient presenting with a multitude of symptoms and a strong family history of autoimmune diseases. The exploration of her symptoms, physical examination findings, and familial predispositions led to the consideration of an autoimmune thyroid disorder as a possible underlying cause. The case serves as a pertinent learning opportunity for medical students, emphasizing the necessity for a thorough, systematic approach to each patient. It also highlights the importance of early diagnosis and comprehensive treatment in managing secondary amenorrhoea and improving the patient's overall quality of life

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