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Forensic SEQs : Past Paper

Introduction This page presents a collection of Forensic SEQs modules, resources, and study guides that span a variety of subjects, with a special emphasis on forensic science. They range from comprehensive year-end reviews to specific examination preparatory materials, and from basic course modules to advanced question collections. The content offered here is aimed at both…

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Forensic Important Topics

Introduction In the realm of Forensic law Topics, there are multiple diverse and specialized fields. This article provides a brief overview of a selection of these fields, ranging from the anatomical investigation process of an autopsy, the distinctive realms of neurosis and psychosis, to the personal identification methods in law. We’ll also explore the general…

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Forensic OSPE : Past Paper

Introduction As the field of Forensic science OSPE continues to evolve, a diverse array of specialties and techniques are employed to unravel the mysteries presented by criminal investigations. From the detailed analysis of blood and hair samples to the utilization of advanced imaging techniques in forensic radiology, each facet contributes to a deeper understanding of…

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Toxicology (ANMC)

Aluminum Phosphide.pptx Analytical Forensics.mp4 Analytical section.docx Barbiturates SEDATIVE HYPONOTIC DRUGS.pptx BENZODIAZEPINES.pptx Cannabis ( Mild Hallucinogen).pptx Carbolic Acid (phenol).pptx CARBON MONOXIDE.pptx Cardiac Oleanders _ Aconite.pptx Cardiovascular drugs Digitalis.pptx COCAIN.pptx Copper Thallium _ Zinc BY DR TUBA.pptx Corrosives.pdf Cyanide Poisoning.pptx Cyanide Poisoning(1).pptx DHATURA SEED.pptx Forensic Analytical Section.pptx FUELS (Kerosene Oil Poisoning).pptx General Toxicology.pptx Hallucinogens.pptx IRRITANTS Arsenic etc..pptx…

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Forensic Slides

Introduction In this conversation, we delve into a series of topics within the realm of forensic science and toxicology slides. The chat covers brief descriptions of various lecture topics, ranging from aspects of law and forensic psychiatry to diverse types of physical injuries and toxicological substances. Each provided description offers a concise overview, aiming to…

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Forensic MCQs : Past Paper

Introduction Welcome to our comprehensive library of forensic MCQs resources. From a deep dive into asphyxia’s forensic anatomy to an array of multiple-choice question sets and specialized topics like traumatology and sexual offenses, our range of materials provides an extensive coverage of forensic science. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or an enthusiast in the…

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Forensic Medicine Text Books PDFs Free Download

100 cases in clinical ethics and law Color Atlas of Autopsy Color Atlas of Forensic Medicine Simpson’s Forensic Medicine 13ed Textbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology 5ed Disclaimer Our platform does not host any copyrighted content on our servers. Instead, we provide a catalogue of links that are already available on the internet. We operate…

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Forensic Medicine Review Books PDFs Free

Niaz Bloch Forensic Medicne Mcqs Review of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Review of forensic medicine & toxicology including clinical & pathological aspects Disclaimer Our platform does not host any copyrighted content on our servers. Instead, we provide a catalogue of links that are already available on the internet. We operate under the Acha Waqat policy,…

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