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Forensic MCQs : Past Paper


Welcome to our comprehensive library of forensic MCQs resources. From a deep dive into asphyxia’s forensic anatomy to an array of multiple-choice question sets and specialized topics like traumatology and sexual offenses, our range of materials provides an extensive coverage of forensic science. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or an enthusiast in the field, these resources can greatly enhance your knowledge and understanding.

Asphyxia Forensic Anatomy

This section delves into the forensic anatomy of asphyxia, covering detailed descriptions of how oxygen deprivation affects the body’s structure and functions, particularly from a medico-legal perspective.

Forensic MCQ 1

This is the first set of multiple choice questions that test knowledge in various areas of forensic science. It’s an effective tool for self-assessment and study.

Forensic MCQ 2

It is the second series of multiple choice questions related to forensic science, challenging readers with more complex situations and case studies.

forensic mcq 2.pdf

The Forensic MCQ 3

This is the third installment of multiple choice questions in the forensic series. It offers advanced level questions to deepen understanding of forensic science concepts.

Forensic MCQ 4

Forensic MCQ 4 presents an array of multiple choice questions related to forensic science. This set increases in complexity, testing critical thinking and analytical skills in the field of forensics.

Forensic MCQ 5

The fifth edition in the series of forensic science multiple choice questions, this set continues to challenge and test comprehension and application of forensic science principles.

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Forensic MCQ 5.pdf

The Forensic MCQ 6

Forensic MCQ 6 is the latest edition in this series of multiple choice questions, designed to test the most current knowledge and applications within forensic science.

Forensic MCQs 2018

This is a collection of multiple choice questions related to forensic science, specifically collated from the year 2018. It reflects the trends and advancements in forensics during that year.

Forensic MCQs 2019

This set comprises multiple choice questions in forensic science collated from the year 2019. These questions capture the latest insights and developments in the field from that year.

Forensic MCQ 5.pdf

The Forensic 2019

Forensic 2019 offers a comprehensive review of the significant findings, breakthroughs, and events in the field of forensic science during the year 2019.

Forensic Medicine Past Paper Including Poisoning

This is a past paper from forensic medicine, specifically focused on the topic of poisoning. It provides a detailed overview of various poisoning scenarios from a forensic perspective.

MCQs 2019 Forensic 1

This is the first set of multiple choice questions from the year 2019, tailored specifically to the field of forensic science. It offers a mix of basic and advanced questions reflecting that year’s trends.

MCQs by Mirza Abubakar

A collection of multiple choice questions crafted by Mirza Abubakar. The questions cover various topics in forensic science, showcasing Abubakar’s expertise and insight into the field.

MCQs by Mirza Abubakar.pdf

Sexual Offense MCQs

This set of multiple choice questions focuses specifically on sexual offenses from a forensic perspective. It covers the legal, social, and medical aspects related to these types of crimes.


This section delves into traumatology, the study of wounds and injuries caused by accidents or violence and the surgical therapy implemented for treatment, as it applies to forensic science.


In conclusion, our vast collection of resources caters to all facets of forensic science. Through our library, you’ll get insights into a range of forensic topics and complex scenarios. We continually strive to expand and update our content, ensuring you have access to the most current, in-depth information in the world of forensics. We believe that learning is an ongoing journey, and we’re here to facilitate yours in the fascinating realm of forensic science.

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