Medicine Class Tests & OSPE (ANMC)

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Medicine Class Tests & OSPE: In the field of medicine, continuous learning, evaluation, and revision are key to mastering the vast and complex body of knowledge. The provided set of documents encompasses an array of examination materials from various years and medical specialties, such as Cardio, Endocrinology, Psychiatry, Gastroenterology, and more. These files contain multiple-choice questions and tests from annual, sendup, grand, and mega tests, all aimed at evaluating and improving medical students’ understanding of these topics.

Medicine Class Tests

This file contains a collection of tests from various Medicine classes. The tests might include multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, and more.

Class Test Psychiatry

This file includes test materials from Psychiatry classes. The content might contain case scenarios, diagnostic questions, and therapeutic solutions in the field of Psychiatry.

Cardio Class Test Medicine 2021

This file is a compilation of test questions and case studies from the Cardio class in Medicine for the year 2021. It aims to examine students’ understanding of Cardiovascular Medicine.

Endo Class Test Medicine 2021

This file encompasses tests from Endocrinology Medicine classes for the year 2021. The tests are likely to focus on hormones, glands, and the diseases related to the endocrine system.

Esophagus Medicine Class Test 2015

This file is dedicated to Medicine class tests from 2015 with a focus on the Esophagus. The tests probably examine students’ understanding of esophageal anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology.

GIT Medicine MCQs

This file includes multiple-choice questions centered on Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT) Medicine. Questions can range from basic GIT anatomy to complex GIT-related diseases.

Medicine 1 Annual 2016 MCQs

This file comprises the multiple-choice questions (MCQs) from the annual Medicine 1 test for the year 2016. The topics may cover a broad range of Medical disciplines.

Medicine 1 Annual 2017 MCQs

This file includes the MCQs for the annual Medicine 1 test for the year 2017. It features questions encompassing various aspects of the medical field.

Medicine 1 Annual 2018 MCQs

This file includes the MCQs for the annual Medicine 1 test for the year 2018. The questions within are likely to test students’ comprehensive knowledge in Medicine.

Medicine 1 Sendup MCQs 2016

This file has the Sendup MCQs for Medicine 1 for the year 2016. Sendup tests are typically pre-final examinations testing students’ readiness for final exams.

Medicine 1 Sendup MCQs 2017

This file includes the Sendup MCQs for Medicine 1 for the year 2017. It’s a preparatory resource for students before their final examination.

Medicine 1 Sendup MCQs 2020

This file contains the Sendup MCQs for Medicine 1 for the year 2020. It serves to help students gauge their understanding and preparedness for the final exams.

Medicine 2 Sendup MCQs 2020

This file holds the Sendup MCQs for Medicine 2 for the year 2020. Like other Sendup MCQ files, this one is also intended to prepare students for their final exams.

Medicine Grand Test Kidney, Respiratory, Neuro, and GIT

This file is a comprehensive test covering four major areas of Medicine – Kidney, Respiratory, Neurology, and GIT. It’s designed to test broad knowledge across these medical specialties.

Medicine MCQs

This file is a collection of multiple-choice questions from various areas of Medicine. It’s a useful resource for students to test and improve their understanding of different medical disciplines.

Medicine Mega Test 03, 2017 MCQs

This file includes MCQs from the third Mega Test in Medicine for the year 2017. Mega Tests are comprehensive examinations that cover a large variety of topics within Medicine.

Medicine OSPE ANCA

This file includes material for the Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) in Medicine, focusing on Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies (ANCA). ANCA is a topic within Immunology, related to certain autoimmune diseases.


In conclusion, these files offer an extensive collection of test materials covering a wide range of subjects within Medicine. They serve as invaluable tools for medical students, aiding in their revision, helping them prepare for their exams, and ultimately facilitating their journey to become well-rounded medical professionals. By delving into these resources, students can assess their understanding, identify areas of improvement, and deepen their knowledge of various medical disciplines.

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