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In today’s discussion, we’ve embarked on a journey through the exploration of various files ENT SEQs & MCQs related to the fascinating field of Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) studies. These documents cover a diverse range of topics, from class tests to intricate audiography reports. The primary objective was to unravel the contents hidden behind the document titles, facilitating a deeper understanding of their potential relevance to students, educators, or medical professionals.

Annual & Sendup ENT

ENT Annual 2015

“ENT Annual 2015” is a comprehensive document offering a review of the ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) syllabus for the year 2015. It serves as an essential learning and revision tool, providing insights into key otolaryngology topics.

ENT Annual 2016

“ENT Annual 2016” is an in-depth guide to the ENT syllabus covered in the year 2016. It offers a thorough overview of critical ear, nose, and throat topics, helping students to master the key concepts.

ENT Annual 2017

“ENT Annual 2017” is an extensive resource that reviews the ENT syllabus for 2017. This document provides a detailed understanding of essential health topics related to the ear, nose, and throat, serving as a valuable learning aid for students.

ENT Annual 2018

“ENT Annual 2018” is a resource-rich document providing a comprehensive review of the ENT syllabus for 2018. It serves as a significant learning resource, assisting students in their journey to understand critical otolaryngology topics.

ENT Annual 2019

“ENT Annual 2019” is a detailed guide offering an overview of the ENT syllabus for 2019. It provides an in-depth understanding of key ENT topics, serving as an essential study aid for students.

ENT Send Up 2015

“ENT Send Up 2015” is a test preparation document based on the 2015 ENT syllabus. This guide provides a series of assessment questions, aiding students in preparing for their final examinations.

Comprehensive ENT Send Up Guide

“Comprehensive ENT Send Up Guide” is a valuable resource for students preparing for their ENT examinations. This document offers a series of assessment questions and potential case scenarios, assisting students in their exam preparation process.

ENT Class Test

Class Test 1 ENT

This file pertains to the initial assessment material or solution guide for an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) related course or module. This version may contain alterations or updates from the original.

Class Test 1 ENT, Original

A document detailing the first examination or assessment in an ENT-related class or course.

Class Test 1 Repeat, ENT 2016

This is a repeat version of the first test from an ENT course or class conducted in the year 2016, likely provided for additional practice or in case of re-examinations.

Class Test 1, ENT 2016

An ENT class test from 2016. It’s the first in a series of exams or assessments designed to gauge understanding of the subject.

Class Test 1, ENT 2017

The first ENT class test from 2017. This document provides a look at how the examination format or content might have changed in a year’s span.

Class Test 2 ENT

This document is the second examination or assessment in a series for an ENT-related course or module.

Class Test 2 Repeat, ENT 2018

A repeat or supplementary version of the second ENT class test from 2018. This is likely provided for additional practice or revision purposes.

Class Test 2, ENT 2016

This is the second test from an ENT course or class conducted in the year 2016, part of a series of tests intended to measure students’ understanding of the material.

Class Test 3 ENT

The document refers to the third test or examination in an ENT course or class. This version may have updates or alterations from the original.

Class Test 3, ENT

This is the third test or assessment in a series designed for an ENT-related class or course.

Class Test 4, ENT 2017

A test from 2017 and the fourth in an ENT class or course, designed to assess students’ understanding and knowledge of ENT-related topics.

Class Test 5, ENT 2016

This document provides a look at the fifth examination or assessment from an ENT class or course in 2016.

Class Test 5, ENT 2018

The fifth ENT class test from 2018, which offers insights into how the test format or content has evolved over the years.

Class Test 6 ENT

This document outlines the sixth test in a series for an ENT-related class or course.

Class Test ENT

A general ENT class test or exam, the specifics of which (like the series number or year) are not specified in the file name.

Class Test ENT 2015

An ENT class test from the year 2015, offering a retrospective look at the examination structure and content.

Class Test Otology, ENT 2018

This is an ENT class test from 2018 focused specifically on otology, the branch of medicine that deals with the ear and its diseases.

Common ENT Topics

A comprehensive document likely covering the most commonly discussed topics or themes within the field of ENT.

DR. Zafar Imp. Seq ENT

A document containing important ENT sequences, likely a study guide or syllabus, prepared by someone named Dr. Zafar.

ENT Class Test 6

This document presents the sixth test in a series for an ENT-related course or module.

ENT MCQs Class Test

A document featuring multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for an ENT class test, providing a different format of examination.


This file contains sequences related to ENT. These could be study sequences, treatment sequences, or another form of ordered information related to the field.

ENT Revised

This is a revised version of an ENT-related document. The nature of the original document isn’t specified in the title.

Nose 2018 ENT

An ENT-related document from 2018 specifically focusing on topics related to the nose.

Pre-prof 2015 ENT

This document is likely related to preparatory or preliminary materials for professional ENT studies from the year 2015.

Pre-prof ENT FMC 2010

A pre-professional ENT document from FMC (likely a medical college) from the year 2010.

Repeat Class Test 2018

A repeat or secondary version of a class test from the year 2018. The subject isn’t specified but could be ENT based on the context.

Rhinology 2018 ENT

A document centered around Rhinology, the study of the nose and its diseases, in the field of ENT from 2018.

Rhinology 2019

A study material or resources related to Rhinology, the study of the nose and its diseases, from the year 2019.

Throat Class Test ENT

An ENT class test that focuses specifically on the throat, assessing knowledge and understanding of this particular area of study.


Dr. Zafar MCQs ENT

This document contains a set of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in the field of ENT, compiled or reviewed by Dr. Zafar.

ENT MCQs Class Test 1

This file includes the first class test consisting of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) related to ENT. It provides a format that enables quick learning and evaluation.

ENT MCQs Class Test 3

This document presents the third class test in an ENT-related course or module, formatted with multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to assess students’ understanding of the topic.

ENT MCQs Sendup 2020

A collection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) intended for an ENT send-up exam – a preparatory test before final examinations – in the year 2020.

ENT Sendup MCQs 2019

This is a document containing MCQs for a send-up exam in ENT studies, conducted in 2019. It provides a review of course content in a quick and efficient format.


The document contains the second set of MCQs. The specific subject isn’t mentioned, but based on the context, it can be assumed to relate to ENT.


A general set of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) intended for ENT studies. These questions are designed to test a student’s knowledge of various ENT-related topics.

MCQs ENT 2015

This file comprises a set of ENT-focused multiple-choice questions (MCQs) from the year 2015, providing a look at the assessment style and content from that period.

MCQs Random ENT

This file contains a collection of assorted or random ENT-related multiple-choice questions (MCQs). These could be used for broad review or practice sessions spanning various ENT topics.


Audiography Report

This document contains an audiography report, which is a record of an individual’s hearing ability. In the field of ENT, these reports are crucial for diagnosing and treating hearing disorders.


This file pertains to the Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) in ENT. OSPEs are a form of examination in medical education where students demonstrate their clinical skills in a structured and systematic manner.

Nose 2016 ENT

This is a document from 2016 concerning the nose in the field of ENT. It may contain relevant academic information, study notes, case studies, or research findings related to nasal anatomy, diseases, or treatments.

Nose 2018 ENT

This document, likely an updated or revised version from 2018, also relates to the nose within the field of ENT. It likely includes information on newer findings, treatments, or advancements related to nasal health and diseases.

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