A Comprehensive Review of “Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics – 6th Edition

A Comprehensive Review of “Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics – 6th Edition” Today, we’re diving deep into the world of clinical pharmacy and pharmacotherapy. Our focus is on a well-renowned text – the 6th edition of “Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics”, edited by esteemed professionals Cate Whittlesea and Karen Hodson. This textbook is celebrated among both students…

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organism under miscroscope

Bacteria That Lack Cell Walls

Introduction: In the diverse world of Bacteria That Lack Cell Walls, there are remarkable variations that set some groups apart. Among these are bacteria that lack a cell wall, a characteristic quite unusual given the vital role the cell wall plays in the survival and pathogenicity of most bacteria. This subset of bacteria, including the…

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Pharmacology Slides : Past Paper

Introduction: The expansive world of pharmacology is teeming with a variety of drugs and treatments, each designed to address specific medical conditions and improve patient health. This brief guide of Pharmacology Slides provides an overview of 73 pharmacological terms and areas, offering a snapshot of their significance. Each term covers diverse classes of drugs, their…

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a man and a woman holding a test tube

Pharmacology OSPE : Past Paper

Introduction to Pharmacology OSPE Our collection of documents provides in-depth coverage on a range of topics related to Pharmacology, OSPE, practical examination preparation, and professional practices. Each document focuses on a specific topic, from infectious diseases like amoebiosis, malaria, and tuberculosis, to detailed guides for Objective Structured Practical Examinations (OSPEs) in pharmacology. This compilation serves…

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Pharmacology SEQs : Past Paper

Introduction The field of pharmacology is rich with study materials, ranging from short essay questions (SEQs), professional resources, and examinations from various years. These materials span topics from chemotherapy drugs to the study of the autonomic nervous system, mycobacterial infections, and more. They serve as valuable educational resources for students, professionals, and anyone keen on…

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Pharmacology Important Topics

Introduction The field of medical sciences is vast and encompasses a multitude of subfields each with its unique role in maintaining the health and well-being of individuals. The following descriptions provide a concise overview of various medical terminologies and subjects such as ANS, Autocoids, Blood, Chemotherapy SEQS, CVS, Endocrinology, General Pharma ANS MCQs, General Pharmacology,…

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Pharmacology Modules : Past Paper

Introduction: In the dynamic and expansive field of pharmacy. It is imperative to stay updated and well-versed in all areas, from pharmacological principles to drug therapy regimens. This overview provides a glimpse into a selection of resources that assist in achieving that goal. Here, we explore the practice of anti-TB drugs, assessment MCQs in general…

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Pharmacology MCQs : Past Paper

Introduction The field of pharmacology is vast and continually evolving, demanding a thorough understanding of principles and applications. The resources detailed below, ranging from examination material from previous years to subject-specific MCQs, offer students the opportunity to revise, test, and deepen their understanding. Whether it’s CNS pharmacology, CVS, or general pharmacology, these resources cover an…

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General Pathology OSPE

Introduction In the world of medicine, General Pathology OSPE, resources and guides that can help students and professionals navigate their studies and practice are essential. From an overview of the year 2020’s key medical insights to a specific focus on pathology, a series of study guides and solved questionnaires offers an invaluable contribution to the…

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Hospital sign for a Department of Chemical Pathology, Liverpool, England, 1970-1974 (sign)

General Pathology SGDs (Small Group Discussion)

Introduction This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth exploration of various academic topics ranging from the basics of immunology and hemodynamics, to the complexities of cell injury, inflammation, and genetic mutations. The list encompasses lectures, small group discussions (SGDs), quizzes, and revisions that offer a rich source of knowledge for any student in the field of…

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