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Pharmacology Modules : Past Paper


In the dynamic and expansive field of pharmacy. It is imperative to stay updated and well-versed in all areas, from pharmacological principles to drug therapy regimens. This overview provides a glimpse into a selection of resources that assist in achieving that goal. Here, we explore the practice of anti-TB drugs, assessment MCQs in general pharmacology, a variety of pharma modules including MCGS and SEQS, and a solved 2nd Module of 2021.

Anti TB Drugs Practice

This section encompasses the learning and understanding of anti-tuberculosis drugs, their mechanisms of action, adverse effects, and potential drug interactions. It includes a comprehensive study of therapeutic regimens for the treatment of different forms of tuberculosis and strategies to overcome drug resistance. This practice is critical for healthcare professionals who aim to provide effective patient care.

General Pharmacology Assessment MCQs

A robust resource for testing and improving your knowledge of general pharmacology, this set of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) covers a wide range of topics. These include drug pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, therapeutic uses, and side effects. These MCQs serve as a useful tool for self-assessment, exam preparation, and solidifying the understanding of pharmacological principles.

Pharmacology Modules 6 MCQS

Pharma Module 6 MCQS is a part of the comprehensive pharmacy curriculum that focuses on a specific range of drug classes or therapeutic areas. The contents of the module can vary but may include drug metabolism, psychopharmacology, or endocrine pharmacology, among others. This module may contain lectures, study materials, and multiple-choice questions for assessment and understanding reinforcement.

Pharmacology Modules SEQS

Pharma Modules SEQS (Short Essay Question Series) are designed to test students’ comprehension of different topics in pharmacy through written responses. These modules not only assess the knowledge of the subject matter but also test the ability to articulate complex information in a concise and clear manner. It could span various topics like medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical formulations, pharmacognosy, etc.

Solved 2nd Module 2021

This is a comprehensive solution guide for the 2nd module of 2021 pharmacy curriculum. It provides answers and explanations to all the questions or problems given in the module. This resource serves as an excellent tool for self-study and review. As it helps students understand how to approach and solve different types of questions, providing an in-depth understanding of the covered topics.


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Whether you’re a student in the field of pharmacy or a practicing professional, these resources provide an in-depth understanding of a range of topics, from tuberculosis drug practice to pharma modules. Using these resources, you can reinforce your learning, assess your knowledge, and stay at the forefront of your field. Remember, being proactive in your learning and consistently testing your understanding is key to success in the pharmaceutical world.

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