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Pharmacology MCQs : Past Paper


The field of pharmacology is vast and continually evolving, demanding a thorough understanding of principles and applications. The resources detailed below, ranging from examination material from previous years to subject-specific MCQs, offer students the opportunity to revise, test, and deepen their understanding. Whether it’s CNS pharmacology, CVS, or general pharmacology, these resources cover an array of topics to meet the diverse needs of learners.

2018 Send Up Pharmacology

This is a comprehensive collection of pharmacology assessments from the year 2018, often used by students for exam preparation and review.

2019 Sendup MCQs Pharmacology

A compilation of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in Pharmacology from the 2019 sendup exams, enabling students to practice and test their understanding.

2020 Send Up Pharmacology

A complete set of Pharmacology assessments from 2020 that provides an overview of that year’s key topics and expected competencies.

Adrenergic MCQs

A set of Multiple Choice Questions focused on the study of Adrenergic Pharmacology. This includes knowledge of adrenergic receptors, agonists, antagonists, and their medical applications.

CNS Chemotherapy MCQs

A series of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that delve into chemotherapy agents used in Central Nervous System (CNS) conditions, their pharmacodynamics, and pharmacokinetics.


A selection of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) focused on Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) as they relate to the Central Nervous System (CNS), including their use, mechanism of action, and potential side effects.


A collection of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) about the pharmacology of the Cardiovascular System (CVS) and Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), with a focus on understanding the drugs used to treat related conditions.

CVS Blood

This segment comprises study materials focused on the pharmacology of blood as it pertains to the Cardiovascular System (CVS). It explores drugs affecting blood coagulation, blood cells, and more.


An assortment of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) regarding the Cardiovascular System’s (CVS) pharmacology. This includes questions about cardiovascular drugs, their uses, mechanisms of action, and side effects.


A comprehensive study guide focusing on the pharmacological aspects of the Cardiovascular System (CVS), providing an in-depth understanding of cardiovascular drugs and their medical uses.

Endo MCQs and Endo + Respiratory SEQ

This material consists of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Short Essay Questions (SEQ) relating to endocrine and respiratory pharmacology, offering a broad coverage of these two related areas.

General Pharmacology MCQs+ SEQs

This comprehensive resource includes both Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Short Essay Questions (SEQs) on general pharmacology topics, providing a foundation for further specialized study.

General Pharmacology SEQs+ MCQs

A collection of both Short Essay Questions (SEQs) and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on the subject of general pharmacology, useful for revision and self-assessment.

GIT Blood MCQs Pharmacology

A selection of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that specifically cover pharmacological topics related to Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT) and blood, including drugs used for GIT disorders and blood conditions.

MCQ 1 Pharmacology

The first set in a series of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) designed to test understanding and application of pharmacological principles and therapeutics.

MCQ 2 Pharmacology

The second set of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in a series, providing additional practice in pharmacology.

MCQ 3 Pharmacology

The third installment of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) series for pharmacology, offering an opportunity to reinforce learning and measure understanding.

MCQs CNS NAIDs Arthritis Gout SEQs CNS

A combined set of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Short Essay Questions (SEQs) focusing on Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) used in the management of arthritis and gout, and their impact on the Central Nervous System (CNS).

MCQS Sendup Pharma 2014-15 Pharmacology

A compilation of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from the sendup pharmacology examinations held in the years 2014 and 2015.

Misc. MCQs Pharmacology

A diverse selection of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that covers various topics in pharmacology, ideal for students who wish to test their overall knowledge and understanding of the field.

Send Up 2017

A collection of pharmacology assessments and exams from the year 2017, used as a revision tool by students studying pharmacology.

Send Up Pharmacology Therapeutics MCQs

A set of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) compiled from send up exams focused on the therapeutic aspects of pharmacology, helping students understand the clinical application of pharmacological knowledge.

Send Ups MCQs

A comprehensive set of Multiple Choice Questions gathered from various send up exams in pharmacology, providing a wide range of topics for students to practice.

Sendup 2013-14

A complete collection of pharmacology send up examinations from the academic years 2013 and 2014, offering a historical perspective on the evolution of pharmacology curriculum and assessment.

Sendup MCQs 2018

A comprehensive set of Multiple Choice Questions from the 2018 sendup pharmacology examinations, providing recent material for student revision and self-assessment.


Studying pharmacology involves the integration of concepts from various aspects of biomedical sciences. The resources discussed provide a structured approach to learning, bringing clarity to complex topics and boosting recall through self-assessment. As a learner, embrace these diverse tools to consolidate your understanding, enrich your perspective, and ultimately, to excel in your pharmacology examinations and beyond.

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