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Salman Manzoor (ANMC): In the ever-evolving realm of medical education, the availability of comprehensive and specialized learning materials is paramount to the development of healthcare professionals. The notes and resources we have cataloged here encompass a wide spectrum of medical disciplines, all thoughtfully curated to provide students, practitioners, and enthusiasts with the tools they need to gain a deeper understanding of various aspects of the medical field.

Salman Manzoor, a dedicated educator or medical professional, has contributed significantly to this repository of knowledge. His materials cover a diverse array of medical topics, from the intricacies of surgical procedures to the complexities of diagnosing and treating diseases. These resources, organized for ease of access and learning, offer valuable insights into specialized fields such as gynecology, gastroenterology, urology, and more. The collection also includes resources authored by other medical experts, each focusing on their respective areas of expertise.

Whether you are a medical student navigating the complexities of your curriculum, a healthcare practitioner seeking to enhance your knowledge, or a curious individual with an interest in medical science, these materials are designed to be informative, instructive, and a vital resource in your journey toward a deeper understanding of the human body and the medical interventions that sustain and improve lives.


Within this compilation, you will find a wealth of resources designed to educate and inform. Whether you’re exploring surgical techniques, studying the intricacies of the nervous system, or delving into the world of obstetrics, these materials are your gateway to a deeper appreciation of medical science and its life-changing applications. The topics within this repository cater to a diverse audience, from novice learners to seasoned professionals, seeking to enrich their knowledge and skills in the field of medicine.

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As you navigate through this collection, each entry provides a window into a specific area of medical expertise, allowing you to explore and learn about the intricacies and nuances of diverse medical disciplines. These notes and resources are valuable companions on your educational journey, offering insights into the complexities of the human body and the treatments and procedures that contribute to the health and well-being of individuals.

Salman Manzoor and the various other contributors have generously shared their knowledge and expertise, making these materials a significant resource for anyone with an interest in medicine. We invite you to dive into this repository and take advantage of the wealth of information provided within. Whether you are a student, a practitioner, or an inquisitive mind, you will find valuable insights, educational tools, and a deeper understanding of the medical world within these pages.\

Blood (Salman Manzoor)

Blood (Salman Manzoor): Educational materials or courses likely related to hematology, covering topics related to blood, blood disorders, and treatment methods.

Breast (Salman Manzoor)

Breast (Salman Manzoor): Educational content focusing on breast health and surgical procedures related to breast conditions, potentially addressing topics such as breast cancer, augmentation, and reduction.

Cardiothoracic (Salman Manzoor)

Cardiothoracic (Salman Manzoor): Materials or courses likely dedicated to cardiothoracic surgery, a specialized field that involves surgical procedures related to the heart and chest.

CNS (Salman Manzoor)

CNS (Salman Manzoor): Educational content and courses related to the central nervous system (CNS), focusing on the brain and spinal cord, and covering various neurological disorders and treatments.

CVS (Salman Manzoor)

CVS (Salman Manzoor): Materials or courses related to the cardiovascular system (CVS), encompassing the study of the heart and blood vessels, with potential insights into cardiovascular diseases and surgeries.

Dermatology (Salman Manzoor)

Dermatology (Salman Manzoor): Likely educational materials or courses related to dermatology, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions.

Endocrine (Salman Manzoor)

Endocrine (Salman Manzoor): Educational content and courses centered on the endocrine system, which regulates hormones and their impact on various bodily functions.

GIT(Salman Manzoor)

GIT (Salman Manzoor): Salman Manzoor’s educational materials or courses related to the gastrointestinal tract, which includes the entire digestive system from the mouth to the rectum.

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Gynae topics

Gynae Topics: A compilation of educational materials or topics related to gynecology, potentially covering a broad range of subjects within the discipline.

Gynaecology 1(SalmanManzoor)

Gynaecology 1 (Salman Manzoor): Foundational materials or courses in gynecology, providing an introductory understanding of this medical field, possibly instructed by Salman Manzoor.

Gynaecology 2 (SalmanManzoor)

Gynaecology 2 (Salman Manzoor): Similar to the previous entry, these materials or courses are likely related to intermediate-level gynecology topics, taught by Salman Manzoor.

Gynaecology 3(SalmanManzoor)

Gynaecology 3 (Salman Manzoor): Educational content or courses in the field of gynecology, possibly delving into advanced topics and practices within this medical specialty.


Head & Neck (Salman Manzoor): Salman Manzoor’s educational materials or courses concentrating on surgical procedures within the head and neck region, encompassing areas such as the throat, mouth, and facial structures.

Hernia case(SalmanManzoor)

Hernia Case (Salman Manzoor): Specific case studies or materials focusing on various instances of hernia cases, potentially providing in-depth insights into diagnostic and surgical approaches.

infection(Salman Manzoor)

Infection (Salman Manzoor): Educational content by Salman Manzoor, likely addressing the study of infectious diseases, their causes, prevention, and treatment methods.


Labour (Salman Manzoor): Courses or resources related to the processes of labor and childbirth within obstetrics, offering insights into the stages of labor, complications, and management.


Liver (Salman Manzoor): Educational materials provided by Salman Manzoor, covering topics related to liver anatomy, liver diseases, diagnostic methods, and surgical procedures involving the liver.

Lower Git (SalmanManzoor)

Lower Git (Salman Manzoor): Salman Manzoor’s educational materials covering the lower gastrointestinal tract, focusing on the colon and rectum, and addressing gastrointestinal disorders, diagnostic techniques, and surgical interventions in this region.


Nephrology: Materials and courses related to the medical specialty of nephrology, which is dedicated to the diagnosis and management of kidney diseases, including kidney transplantation and dialysis.

Neurosurgery(Salman Manzoor)

Neurosurgery (Salman Manzoor): Educational materials and courses offered by Salman Manzoor within the field of neurosurgery, concentrating on surgical treatment of nervous system conditions, including the brain and spinal cord.

Ob’s (SalmanManzoor)1-6+10

Ob’s (Salman Manzoor) 1-6+10: This seems to refer to a comprehensive set of sections or modules within obstetrics, possibly organized and taught by Salman Manzoor, encompassing various aspects of obstetric medicine.

obstetrics emergency

Obstetrics Emergency: Resources focusing on emergency situations within obstetrics, providing guidance and knowledge on handling critical scenarios during pregnancy, childbirth, and women’s reproductive health care.

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Orthopedic (Salman Manzoor)

Orthopedic (Salman Manzoor): Salman Manzoor’s educational materials in the field of orthopedic surgery, exploring topics related to the musculoskeletal system, including bone and joint disorders and their surgical treatment.

Paeds 1(SalmanManzoor)

Paeds 1 (Salman Manzoor): These educational resources cover the foundational aspects of pediatrics, possibly serving as introductory materials for those starting their journey in the field of pediatric medicine, with possible instruction by Salman Manzoor.

Paeds 2 (SalmanManzoor)

Paeds 2 (Salman Manzoor): Similar to the previous entry, these materials or courses pertain to pediatric medicine, possibly at an intermediate level, and might include topics such as pediatric diseases, treatments, and procedures.

paeds 3 (SalmanManzoor)

Paeds 3 (Salman Manzoor): Educational materials or courses likely associated with advanced pediatrics, addressing specialized topics and practices in the field, potentially taught by Salman Manzoor.


Peripeurium: The meaning of this term is unclear without additional context. It may refer to a specific medical concept or topic not readily discernible.

Principles of Paediatric Surgery.pptx

Principles of Pediatric Surgery: Educational content centered on the foundational principles and practices in the field of pediatric surgery, catering to healthcare professionals specializing in the surgical treatment of children.

psychiatry M-2

Psychiatry M-2: Educational materials or courses pertaining to the study of psychiatry, possibly designed for medical students at the second level of their education.

Respiratory system(SalmanManzoor)

Respiratory System (Salman Manzoor): Educational materials concerning the anatomy, physiology, and diseases of the human respiratory system, possibly including information on diagnostic techniques and surgical treatments.

Rheuma(Salman Manzoor)

Rheuma (Salman Manzoor): Likely educational content related to rheumatology, a medical field specializing in autoimmune and inflammatory joint and connective tissue disorders, with insights and guidance provided by Salman Manzoor.

S1 (SalmanManzoor) p1
S1`(SalmanManzoor) p2

S1 (Salman Manzoor): While not entirely clear, “S1” within Salman Manzoor’s educational materials might denote a specific module or section within a broader medical curriculum or course.

surgery arterial & lymphatic disorders

Surgery Arterial & Lymphatic Disorders: A set of educational resources that cover surgical interventions for arterial and lymphatic system disorders, encompassing topics like arterial blockages, lymphedema, and other related conditions.

surgery hernias.

Surgery Hernias: Comprehensive content dedicated to the surgical repair of hernias, addressing the various types and surgical techniques utilized to correct herniated organs or tissues.

surgery testicular tumor

Surgery Testicular Tumor: Educational materials focusing on the surgical management of testicular tumors, which primarily afflict the male reproductive system. These resources may delve into diagnostic procedures, treatment options, and surgical interventions.

surgery urology slides.

Surgery Urology Slides: A collection of presentation slides, presumably part of a surgical urology course, designed to facilitate the understanding of surgical techniques and procedures for urological conditions.

upper git (SalmanManzoor)

Upper Git (Salman Manzoor): Salman Manzoor’s educational materials covering topics related to the upper gastrointestinal tract, which comprises the esophagus, stomach, and the initial portion of the small intestine (duodenum). These resources likely explore the anatomy, disorders, and surgical procedures associated with this region.

urology (SalmanManzoor)

Urology (Salman Manzoor): Educational content or courses related to urology, which focuses on the urinary system and male reproductive organs, offering knowledge on urological conditions, diagnostics, and surgical interventions.

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