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Physiology Past Paper: Second Year Physiology

Introduction In the realm of medical education, various resources and materials are indispensable for comprehensive understanding and effective preparation for examinations. From Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to Short Essay Questions (SEQs), these resources encompass a broad range of formats and cover multiple crucial areas in the field of Physiology. Here, we present brief descriptions of…

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Biochemistry Past Paper: Second Year Biochemistry

Introduction Biochemistry Past Paper Embark on a thorough journey through the captivating field of biochemistry. From comprehensive annual reviews of Past Paper to in-depth modules on carbohydrates, endocrinology, and nucleotide metabolism, the resources enlisted provide a treasure trove of information for students, professionals, and anyone intrigued by the fascinating world of biochemistry. Biochemistry 2019 A…

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Anatomy OSPE (ANMC)

Second Year Anatomy OSPE: Cerebellum OSPE: This Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) station focuses on the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls balance, coordination, and voluntary movements. We expect students to identify and understand the cerebellum’s various structures, functions, and pathological conditions. Commissural Fibers Brain Stem OSPE: This OSPE station will ask students…

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Toxicology (ANMC)

Aluminum Phosphide.pptx Analytical Forensics.mp4 Analytical section.docx Barbiturates SEDATIVE HYPONOTIC DRUGS.pptx BENZODIAZEPINES.pptx Cannabis ( Mild Hallucinogen).pptx Carbolic Acid (phenol).pptx CARBON MONOXIDE.pptx Cardiac Oleanders _ Aconite.pptx Cardiovascular drugs Digitalis.pptx COCAIN.pptx Copper Thallium _ Zinc BY DR TUBA.pptx Corrosives.pdf Cyanide Poisoning.pptx Cyanide Poisoning(1).pptx DHATURA SEED.pptx Forensic Analytical Section.pptx FUELS (Kerosene Oil Poisoning).pptx General Toxicology.pptx Hallucinogens.pptx IRRITANTS Arsenic etc..pptx…

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Behavioural Sciences Lectures

Introduction In the ever-evolving field of Behavioural Sciences Lectures , a deep understanding of various aspects and concepts plays a pivotal role in comprehensive patient care. This exploration of key behavioral science terms aims to shed light on the multitude of components that shape this discipline. From psychological and physiological reactions such as arousal and…

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