Behavioural Sciences MCQs

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Behavioral Science (BS) is a multidimensional field that incorporates various aspects of psychology, sociology, and cognitive science to understand human behavior. This comprehensive field of study employs diverse assessment tools, including Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), quizzes, and module tests, to gauge understanding and knowledge retention. The terms discussed here represent different aspects of such assessment strategies, from section-specific queries to grand test MCQs. They also highlight the works of specific authors in the field, such as Abu Bakar Bhindar and Bassama, and various study resources, such as module tests and solved MCQs.


Behavioural science, often combined with social science, investigates the interactions among organisms in the natural world, focusing on their behavior.


Behavioral Science

Behavioral Science is a field that encompasses psychology, sociology, and cognitive science. It aims to understand human behavior and decision-making processes.

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BS MCQs by Abu Bakar Bhindar

This refers to a collection of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in Behavioral Sciences compiled by Abu Bakar Bhindar.

BS MCQs by Abu Bakar Bhindar.pdf


These are sections within a Behavioral Sciences resource or test, likely containing specific categories or topics within the field.

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The first quiz in a series given in a Behavioral Sciences class to evaluate knowledge and understanding of the course material.


Section A (BS)

The first section of a Behavioral Sciences resource or exam, typically covering introductory or fundamental aspects of the field.

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The fifth section in a Behavioral Sciences resource or test, likely addressing more advanced or specialized topics within the field.


BS 1

This likely refers to the first part, module, or level of a course, test, or resource in Behavioral Sciences.

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A set of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in the field of Behavioral Sciences, used for learning or assessment.

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A collection of multiple-choice questions designed for the second part of a Behavioral Sciences course or study resource.

BS 2 MCQS.pdf


This likely refers to a send-up examination, a type of preparatory exam, in Behavioral Sciences conducted in the year 2020.

BS SENDUP 2020.pdf

Behavioural Sciences MCQs

A series of multiple-choice questions designed to test knowledge and understanding of concepts in Behavioural Sciences.

Corrected(pink) whole book MCQs by Bassama

This appears to be a corrected version of a book of MCQs in Behavioral Sciences compiled by Bassama, possibly distinguished by a pink cover or pink corrections.


This likely refers to the tenth module in a course or educational resource on Behavioral Sciences, specifically focusing on delirium, a serious disturbance in mental abilities.

BS Grand test MCQs Solved

This suggests a comprehensive or ‘grand’ test composed of multiple-choice questions in Behavioral Sciences, with solutions provided for review or study purposes.

1st Module Test (Solved MCQs)

The first module test in a series or course in Behavioral Sciences, composed of multiple-choice questions. The solved answers are likely provided for study and review.

UHS Model MCQs

A set of model multiple-choice questions provided by the University of Health Sciences (UHS) as an exemplar or for practice in preparation for real exams, in the field of Behavioral Sciences.


In summary, the terms listed represent the breadth and depth of the Behavioral Sciences field, ranging from class quizzes to module-specific examinations. Whether it’s an in-depth delve into a specific topic like delirium or the broad array of questions in a grand test, these terms capture the essence of learning in Behavioral Sciences. They provide a peek into how comprehensive and thorough assessments can be crafted to effectively evaluate understanding in this complex field. It’s through these diverse resources and assessment methods that the exploration of human behavior continues to be advanced, providing deeper insights into the intricacies of human behavior and decision-making.

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