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Pharmacology OSPE : Past Paper

Introduction to Pharmacology OSPE

Our collection of documents provides in-depth coverage on a range of topics related to Pharmacology, OSPE, practical examination preparation, and professional practices. Each document focuses on a specific topic, from infectious diseases like amoebiosis, malaria, and tuberculosis, to detailed guides for Objective Structured Practical Examinations (OSPEs) in pharmacology. This compilation serves as a comprehensive resource for students, educators, and medical professionals alike.

Amoebiosis (Malaria. Tuberculosis _ Typhoid)

This document provides comprehensive information on amoebiosis, malaria, tuberculosis, and typhoid. It details the causes, symptoms, diagnosis methods, and treatment strategies for each of these infectious diseases.

Angina Hyperlipidemia persp

A thorough discussion on angina and hyperlipidemia, exploring their pathophysiology, symptomatology, prevention, and treatment methods. This document aims to provide a perspective on managing these chronic conditions.

Effect of Drugs on Frog’s Heart

An exploration into the effects of various pharmaceutical substances on a frog’s heart. This document describes experimental procedures and findings on the impact of drugs on the cardiac function of amphibians.

Effect of Drugs on Rabbit

This document focuses on the impact of different drugs on rabbits, exploring the physiological and behavioral changes caused by various pharmaceutical substances. It serves as a reference for animal experimentation in pharmacology.

Effects of Ach at Different Doses

A detailed analysis of the effects of Acetylcholine (Ach) at various dosage levels. This document explores how different quantities of Ach influence physiological responses, with a special focus on its role in the nervous system.

Modules OSPE by Taimoor

A compilation of Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) modules authored by Taimoor. The document is a guide for medical students preparing for OSPEs, providing insights into the examination structure and sample questions.

New Doc 1

A fresh document intended for a new topic or study. The content is dependent on the user’s input and purpose for the document.

New Doc 2

Another new document designed for a separate topic or analysis. Its content varies according to the user’s specifications and the document’s intended use.

OSPE Stations Pattern

A comprehensive guide to the structure and organization of Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) stations. This document provides an overview of the OSPE format, aiding students in their preparation for practical exams.

Pharmacology OSPE 1

A detailed OSPE guide focusing on the first set of topics. This document contains questions, answers, and discussion points designed to aid students in their preparation for practical exams.

Pharmacology OSPE 2

The second document in the series of OSPE guides, focusing on a different set of topics. It includes examination pointers, sample questions, and comprehensive answers to help students excel in their practical exams.

Pharmacology OSPE 3

The third OSPE guide in the series. This document provides extensive coverage of a new set of topics with detailed answers, aiming to help medical students excel in practical examinations.

Pharmacology OSPE 4

This document serves as the fourth guide in the OSPE series. It offers an extensive review of various topics, providing practice questions, answers, and tips for students preparing for practical examinations.

Pharmacology OSPE 5

The final document in the series of OSPE guides, providing a comprehensive review of the last set of topics. The document includes examination pointers, practice questions, and comprehensive answers to assist students in their practical exam preparation.

Pharma Practicals Pattern by Anmol

This document, prepared by Anmol, outlines the patterns for pharmacology practical exams. It offers a detailed guide on what to expect, how to prepare, and strategies to succeed in these assessments.

Pharmacology OSPE (Allama Iqbal Medical College)

A document detailing the structure and guidelines of the Pharmacology OSPE at Allama Iqbal Medical College. It is a comprehensive guide for students studying at this institution or anyone seeking an understanding of the examination’s format.

Pharmacology Practicals by Saba

A guide on pharmacology practical examinations authored by Saba. This document provides detailed insights into the preparation and approach needed for these assessments, aiding students in their pharmacology practical study.

A document detailing the structure and guidelines of the Pharmacology OSPE at Allama Iqbal Medical College. It is a comprehensive guide for students studying at this institution or anyone seeking an understanding of the examination’s format.

Practicals pdf

A PDF document encompassing various practical experiments and exercises. The contents of the document may include descriptions, procedures, results, and analyses of different practical tasks.

Prescription Writing.Abbreviations.Weights

A comprehensive guide on prescription writing for medical professionals. The document discusses the standard abbreviations, weights, and measurement units used in medical prescriptions, as well as the proper structure and format for effective prescription writing.


Whether you’re seeking detailed insights into specific diseases, or need guidance in preparing for practical examinations, our array of documents aims to provide the knowledge and insights you require. Remember, each document offers in-depth information and thorough analyses, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your medical journey, from academic examinations to practical real-world scenarios.

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