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Welcome to our deep-dive blog post on Al-Nafees Medical College, a renowned institution delivering world-class medical education in Pakistan. From its rich history to its exciting research opportunities and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in!

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Al-Nafees Medical College was established as a part of Isra University in Islamabad, Pakistan. The university, founded in 1997, quickly gained acclaim for its commitment to academic excellence, with Al-Nafees Medical College being one of its most distinguished constituents.

Built to counteract the scarcity of quality medical institutions in the country, Al-Nafees Medical College continues to provide high-quality education, cultivate exceptional medical professionals, and conduct innovative research. Today, it stands as a symbol of excellence in the medical community, not just within Pakistan, but also on an international level.


The curriculum at Al-Nafees Medical College follows a modular, system-based integrated approach. This involves an in-depth study of basic medical sciences, paired with clinical sciences, all with a focus on patient-centered learning.

The program spans five years, divided into pre-clinical and clinical phases. The pre-clinical phase (first two years) focuses on basic medical sciences like Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry. The clinical phase (remaining three years) emphasizes the practical and theoretical aspects of clinical medicine and surgery. The curriculum’s structure ensures that students gain comprehensive medical knowledge and practical skills to prepare them for their professional career.

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The faculty at Al-Nafees Medical College consists of highly qualified medical professionals who bring a wealth of clinical experience and academic knowledge to their teaching. They are not just academicians but also practicing physicians who share their real-world insights with their students.

Moreover, the college encourages faculty development programs to continually enhance their teaching methodologies, ensuring the highest possible standard of medical education.


Al-Nafees Medical College hosts state-of-the-art facilities to aid its students’ learning. These include advanced laboratories for practical learning, a well-stocked library for research and study, and technologically equipped classrooms for interactive learning.

One of the key facilities at the college is the Al-Nafees Hospital, a 500-bed tertiary care hospital where students receive hands-on clinical training under the supervision of experienced healthcare professionals.

Research Opportunities

The institution strongly emphasizes research as a crucial component of medical education. Al-Nafees Medical College encourages students to engage in independent research projects, providing them with research labs and dedicated faculty mentors. This approach allows students to gain a deep understanding of medical concepts and fosters an environment of inquiry and innovation.

Admission Process

Admissions at Al-Nafees Medical College are highly competitive. Prospective students need to meet a specific academic threshold in their higher secondary school certificate (HSSC) examinations, typically scoring 60% or above.

Additionally, students must pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), a pre-requisite for any medical college in Pakistan. After fulfilling these criteria, applicants go through an interview process before final selection.

Tuition and Other Costs

While Al-Nafees Medical College strives to maintain affordable tuition, the cost of a medical education can still be significant. As of our latest update, the annual tuition fee is approximately 9.5 Lakh PKR. Besides tuition, students may incur costs for housing, textbooks, supplies, and personal expenses.

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Unique Aspects

One of the unique aspects of Al-Nafees Medical College is its emphasis on community-oriented medical education. The college promotes community engagement through various programs, making students more empathetic and understanding of the socio-cultural issues surrounding healthcare.

The college’s attachment with Al-Nafees Hospital provides students with an opportunity for

practical exposure, which plays a significant role in their holistic learning experience.

Contact Information

For further queries, you can contact Al-Nafees Medical College at:

  • Address: Farash Town, Phase II, Islamabad, 44000, Pakistan
  • Phone: +92 51 8439901-10
  • Email:
  • Focal Person S.M.Jawaad Asim: 0334-8778746
MBBS Tuition Fee 2021-26
This includes tuition fee & fixed per anum charges. Some other miscellaneous charges may be applicable which are given later in the page.
Local Students
1st YearRs 1,319,098
2nd YearRs 1,342,030
3rd YearRs 1,441,932
4th YearRs 1,549,327
5th YearRs 1,664,776
Total Excluding Miscellaneous Charges = Rs 7,317,163
Overseas Students
1st YearN/A
2nd YearN/A
3rd YearN/A
4th YearN/A
5th YearN/A
Total Excluding Miscellaneous Charges = N/A
Foreign Students
1st YearN/A
2nd YearN/A
3rd YearN/A
4th YearN/A
5th YearN/A
Total Excluding Miscellaneous Charges = N/A
Miscellaneous Charges
Admission FeeIncluded in annual fixed charges/tuition fee
Prospectus FeeN/A
PMC ChargesIncluded in annual fixed charges/tuition fee
University ChargesIncluded in annual fixed charges/tuition fee
Health Insurance ChargesAs per policy
FBR Tax5% on Non-Filers
Security Fee – RefundableN/A
Optional Fee and charges will be charged on annual basis & may be subject to change as per inflation.


Al-Nafees Medical College, with its commitment to excellence, dynamic curriculum, skilled faculty, modern facilities, and robust research opportunities, stands out as a leading institution for medical education. Its graduates are well-equipped to serve in the healthcare sector, not only in Pakistan but across the globe.

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