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“Exploring Community Medicine: A Comprehensive Lecture” is an informative document designed to provide an in-depth understanding of Community Medicine. This lecture encompasses critical aspects of this branch of medicine, focusing on the health of individuals, communities, and defined populations, aiming to promote health and prevent disease. It serves as an essential resource for medical students, healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in public health.

Community Research

The document “Delving into Community Research” provides a comprehensive look at the importance of community-based research in shaping public health policies. It outlines methodologies, approaches, and impact of such research on the community and overall public health.

F15- Research

The F15- Research file delves into a specific area of study or inquiry. It can contain findings from an investigation, data analysis, or study on a particular subject, that has been methodically carried out to establish facts and reach conclusions.

F16-Super Final Research Batch D-1

F16-Super Final Research Batch D-1 represents the ultimate collection of research findings for a specific subject or area of study pertaining to group D-1. It can include a summation of the entirety of the work completed, often used to present conclusive insights or results.


The FINAL RESEARCH File BATCH B1 is a final compilation of research findings associated with group B1. This document consolidates all the findings, data, analysis, and results that have been conducted over a certain period, forming the end product of the research project.

Questions Related to First Aid

The Questions Related to First Aid file contains a comprehensive set of queries regarding the emergency treatment or care given to someone who is injured or suddenly becomes ill. It could be used as a study guide, examination material, or as an informational resource for those looking to broaden their knowledge on first aid procedures.

Research Batch C-2

The Research Batch C-2 file contains the second set of research data, findings, or analysis related to the C group study. It may include a combination of raw data, preliminary results, and initial interpretations that help in further understanding of the subject matter under investigation.

Research Batch H2

Similar to the above, Research Batch H2 is the second installment of a research series concerning the H group. This document may contain a compilation of data, findings, or initial interpretations that contribute to the ongoing study of the specific subject in this group.

Research Group G1

The Research Group G1 file is dedicated to the first batch of research conducted by or related to the G1 group. It consists of the group’s work, research findings, data analysis, and potential conclusions about the specific subject they are studying. This file serves as a formal record of the group’s academic endeavor.

Dr. Khaleeq

Understanding Rubella by Dr. Khaleeq

This insightful document, “Understanding Rubella by Dr. Khaleeq”, presents an in-depth exploration of Rubella, commonly known as German Measles. Penned by an expert in the field, Dr. Khaleeq, this material provides a detailed overview of the disease’s symptoms, transmission, prevention, and current treatments.

Polio Insights by Dr. Khaleeq

“Polio Insights by Dr. Khaleeq” is an informative paper that highlights the essential aspects of Polio. Authored by Dr. Khaleeq, the document outlines the nature of this infectious disease, its symptoms, potential complications, and preventive measures. This comprehensive guide serves as an excellent resource for understanding Polio in detail.

Dr.Amna Arshad

Unraveling the Plague

“Unraveling the Plague” is a resourceful material that delves into the depths of the Plague. This comprehensive document provides a detailed description of the disease’s causes, symptoms, and potential treatments. It also sheds light on the historical impact of the Plague, offering readers a profound understanding of this infectious disease.

Navigating Through Salmonellosis

“Navigating Through Salmonellosis” is a thoroughly compiled document offering a complete guide on Salmonellosis. This paper focuses on the disease’s causes, symptoms, and treatments while also discussing preventive measures to curb its spread. It serves as an excellent resource for those looking to understand Salmonellosis and its impact on public health.

Health Messages

“Health Messages” is a resource that discusses the importance of effective health communication in promoting and sustaining healthier communities. It lays the groundwork for understanding how health messages can bring about significant behavioral change.

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Understanding Corona 123

“Understanding Corona 123” is a thorough guide that elaborates on the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides an in-depth view of the coronavirus’s characteristics, symptoms, prevention measures, and ongoing research, making it an excellent source of information for the public.

Dengue Alert Message

“Dengue Alert Message” is a critical health advisory that provides vital information on dengue fever. The document covers the causes, symptoms, preventive measures, and treatment options for dengue, helping to increase public awareness and combat the spread of this disease.

Comprehensive Guide on Diabetes

“Comprehensive Guide on Diabetes” is a detailed resource on diabetes, its causes, symptoms, and management techniques. The document is designed to help individuals understand the disease better and navigate their way through living with diabetes.

Fortification Health Message

“Fortification Health Message” is a health advisory document focusing on the importance of fortified foods for overall health and well-being. It provides valuable insights into the role of fortification in preventing nutrient deficiencies and promoting good health.

Hepatitis C: A Closer Look

“Hepatitis C: A Closer Look” is an educational document that offers a comprehensive understanding of Hepatitis C, its causes, symptoms, treatment options, and preventive measures. The paper is a valuable resource for anyone looking to understand this liver disease in detail.

Dangers of Smoking

“Dangers of Smoking” is a crucial health advisory that provides an extensive overview of the health risks associated with smoking. This document aims to raise awareness about the adverse effects of smoking on individuals and society.

Snakebite: A Health Message

“Snakebite: A Health Message” is an educational resource on the prevention and management of snake bites. The document provides vital information on first-aid measures, medical treatments, and preventive steps to reduce snakebite incidents.

HOD Lectures

Grasping Basic Concepts: Lecture #1

“Grasping Basic Concepts: Lecture #1” is a comprehensive introduction to the foundational concepts in a given field of study. This document provides an in-depth understanding of basic principles, paving the way for further learning and exploration.

Decoding Epidemiology: Lecture #2

“Decoding Epidemiology: Lecture #2” is a resource-rich document offering a detailed overview of Epidemiology. It delves into the study of how diseases spread, the factors influencing health and illness in communities, and the practical applications of this knowledge in public health policy.

Understanding Statistics: Lecture #3

“Understanding Statistics: Lecture #3” is a highly informative document that introduces the core principles of statistics. It helps readers understand how statistics can be used to gather, analyze, present, and interpret data, making it a crucial resource for students and professionals alike.

Research Exploration: Lecture #4

“Research Exploration: Lecture #4” is a comprehensive lecture note that elucidates the methodologies, strategies, and techniques used in conducting research. This insightful guide demystifies the research process and provides valuable tips to help navigate the complexities of research work.

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