Vasopressin Dose Calculator

Vasopressin Dose Calculator

Vasopressin Dose Calculator

Based on calculations of 1 vial of 20 Units in 50cc NS

In adults, vasopressin is typically used at a dose of 0.01-0.04 units/minute intravenously. There isn’t a widely accepted “maximum” dose as it depends on the patient’s individual response and the clinical situation. But, high doses can lead to water intoxication (with symptoms like drowsiness, headache, and seizures) and also can cause vasoconstriction that might lead to decreased circulation in some tissues.

CountryVasopressin Brand Names
IndiaPitressin, Vasostrict, Vasopin
PakistanVasopressin Hameln, Vasostrict, Pressyn
BangladeshPitressin, Vasopin, Pressyn
Please note that the availability of these brands may vary over time due to factors such as changes in marketing, manufacturing, and distribution. Furthermore, the brand names could differ from one country to another, even if the same pharmaceutical company produces the medicine. Always consult a healthcare professional or pharmacist to get the most accurate information.

Let’s break it down.

The code is calculating how much Vasopressin (a medication) a patient is getting every minute based on the amount being given each hour.

Here’s the simple formula:

Dose per minute = (Dose per hour * 0.4) / 60

Why 0.4 and 60?

  • 0.4 is used because we have a vial of Vasopressin that contains 20 units in 50cc. So, for every 1cc (or 1ml), we have 0.4 units of Vasopressin.
  • 60 is used to convert the rate from ‘per hour’ to ‘per minute’ since there are 60 minutes in an hour.

Let’s look at a few examples:

  1. Suppose a doctor orders Vasopressin at a rate of 5ml per hour. Using the formula: Dose per minute = (5 * 0.4) / 60 = 0.03 units per minute
  2. If the doctor orders Vasopressin at 10ml per hour: Dose per minute = (10 * 0.4) / 60 = 0.07 units per minute
  3. If the doctor orders Vasopressin at 15ml per hour: Dose per minute = (15 * 0.4) / 60 = 0.1 units per minute
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So, for each of these examples, the code calculates how much Vasopressin the patient is getting every minute.

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