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General Pathology SEQs & MCQs



This guide presents a broad array of educational content focused on several critical fields within the biological sciences, including pathology, immunology, microbiology, and parasitology. The materials are designed as succinct study aids and review resources for students and professionals in these disciplines. The following descriptions provide an overview of the content you can expect within each section.

MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)

Cell Injury

A comprehensive evaluation of the various processes and factors that can result in cell damage or death, including physical trauma, exposure to harmful substances, and interruption of essential physiological processes.

Cell Injury 2018

An updated exploration of cell injury concepts, focusing on the newest research and understanding from the year 2018. It may include advancements in how we understand cell death, injury repair, and associated diseases.

Cell Injury MCQs 1

A set of multiple-choice questions designed to test your understanding of the concepts surrounding cell injury. This includes causes, mechanisms, and consequences of cell damage or death.

Cell Injury MCQs 2

A second set of multiple-choice questions further evaluating knowledge of cell injury concepts. This may include topics such as necrosis, apoptosis, and various pathological processes.

General Microbiology

An overview of microbiology, examining microscopic organisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. Topics can include microbial classification, physiology, genetics, and their role in disease.

General Pathology and General Microbiology

An integrated study of general pathology and microbiology, investigating the nature of diseases and the microscopic organisms that can cause them. It combines the study of disease processes with a detailed look at the microorganisms involved.

Halfbook 2017 Patho

A summarized version of the Pathology course materials from the year 2017, covering essential topics in a condensed format.

Immunology 2017

A detailed analysis of the immune system and its function based on the research and understanding available in the year 2017. Key subjects may include immune response, immune system disorders, and the role of immunity in disease.

Immunology MCQs

A set of multiple-choice questions aimed at testing the understanding of immunology, including components of the immune system, immune responses, and immune diseases.

Immunology Streptococci Staphylococci

An in-depth look at the immune system’s interaction with Streptococci and Staphylococci bacteria. It covers these bacteria’s pathogenesis and the immune response they trigger.

Inflammation Bacteriology

A study of the relationship between bacterial infections and inflammation, investigating how bacterial pathogens cause inflammation and the body’s response.

Microbiology Half Book MCQs

A set of multiple-choice questions that cover half the topics in a general microbiology course. This can be used for intermediate-level revision and self-assessment.

Miscellaneous 00

A compilation of various topics not categorized under a specific subject or theme. It could include a mix of concepts from different fields of study.

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Miscellaneous 00.pdf

Miscellaneous 01

Another collection of diverse topics not bound to a particular subject, offering a range of questions or content from multiple areas of study.

Miscellaneous 02

The third installment of a collection of miscellaneous subjects that could encompass a variety of scientific disciplines or specific topics within them.

Miscellaneous 03

A fourth collection of varied topics providing a broad scope of questions or content that spans across different areas of study.

Miscellaneous 04

A fifth compilation of a wide array of topics, featuring an assortment of questions or content across different scientific fields or specific themes within them.

Miscellaneous 05 (Complete Pathology)

The final edition in the miscellaneous series, featuring a complete set of pathology topics. It covers a comprehensive range of concepts from the field of pathology.


A comprehensive study of parasites and parasitic diseases, including the life cycles, host-parasite interactions, disease mechanisms, and methods of parasite control.

Parasitology, Genetics Mycology MCQs

A set of multiple-choice questions that cover three distinct scientific fields: Parasitology, Genetics, and Mycology. These questions are designed to test comprehension across these areas.

Patho MCQs 4

The fourth set of multiple-choice questions designed to evaluate knowledge and understanding of pathology. The topics covered may vary from general to more specific pathological concepts.

Pathology MCQs 1

A set of multiple-choice questions that test the understanding of various pathology principles, including the mechanisms and causes of diseases.

Pathology MCQs 2

A second set of multiple-choice questions aiming to assess deeper knowledge and comprehension of various disease processes and the science of pathology.

Pathology MCQs 3

A third set of multiple-choice questions aiming to assess deeper knowledge and comprehension of various disease processes and the science of pathology.

Term 2017

The study materials or question set pertaining to a specific term or semester in the year 2017. The precise content could vary depending on the context and the subject being studied.

SEQs (Short Essay Questions)

Cell Injury

An overview of the various causes and consequences of cell injury. This includes studying factors leading to cell damage or death and understanding the physiological responses involved.

Cell Injury Hand Written

A hand-written compilation of notes and insights about cell injury. These may provide a more personal and in-depth exploration of the causes, mechanisms, and effects of cell damage or death.

Cell Injury Inflammation

A study of the link between cell injury and inflammation, examining how cell damage or death can stimulate inflammatory responses and the effects of such reactions on the body.

Cell Injury, General Bacteriology, Healing Repair Inflammation

An integrated examination of cell injury, general bacteriology, and the healing and repair processes that follow inflammation. This combines a study of cellular damage, bacterial pathogens, and the body’s mechanisms to heal and recover.

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Cell Injury, Inflammation 1

The first in a series exploring the connection between cell injury and inflammation. This segment focuses on the initial responses of the body to cell damage and the onset of inflammation.

Cell Injury, Neoplasia

A comparative study of cell injury and neoplasia (abnormal tissue growth, like tumors). It investigates the connections between cellular damage and the formation of benign or malignant growths.

General Pathology 2007-19 NMU

A comprehensive study material of general pathology as per the curriculum of the (NMU) spanning from the years 2007 to 2019.

General Pathology Half Book Test

A test covering half the topics in a general pathology course. This is designed for mid-term revision or self-assessment of your understanding of pathology concepts.


An examination of hemodynamics, the study of blood flow or the circulation of blood in the body. This covers principles like blood pressure, cardiac output, and resistance to blood flow.

Immunology SEQ

Short Essay Questions (SEQs) based on the field of immunology. This set of questions tests your understanding of immune system components, responses, and diseases in an essay format.

Immunology SEQS

Another collection of Short Essay Questions (SEQs) designed to test your knowledge of immunology. These questions offer a more extensive exploration of immune system concepts.

Microbiology Immunology 2007-19 NMU

A collection of study materials on microbiology and immunology as outlined in the curriculum of (NMU) from the years 2007 to 2019.

Pathology Miscellaneous SEQS

A set of Short Essay Questions (SEQs) that covers various topics in pathology. This is a great resource for testing your knowledge on a range of disease processes and abnormalities.

Special Bacteriology Parasitology

An advanced study module focusing on specific aspects of bacteriology and parasitology. This might delve into certain bacterial pathogens and parasites, their life cycles, and the diseases they cause.

Comprehensive Study on Cell Injury, Inflammation, Healing, and Repair

This resource provides an in-depth study on cell injury, inflammation, healing, and repair. It explores the molecular and cellular responses to injury, the process of inflammation, and the body’s mechanisms for healing and repairing damaged tissues.

General Bacteriology Unit Test (2019)

This resource is a comprehensive unit test from 2019 on General Bacteriology. It offers an opportunity for students to test their knowledge of bacteria, their characteristics, and the diseases they cause, preparing them for similar exams.

Inflammation, Healing, and Repair in Special Bacteriology

This resource delves into the relationship between inflammation, healing, and repair processes, and special bacteriology. It discusses how specific bacteria can influence these biological responses, offering valuable insights for students of microbiology and pathology.

Microbiology Short Essay Questions (SEQs)

This resource provides a set of Short Essay Questions (SEQs) focused on microbiology. It encourages a deeper understanding of microorganisms, their behavior, and the diseases they cause, offering an effective tool for exam preparation.

Miscellaneous Pathology Topics

This resource covers various miscellaneous topics in pathology. It offers a broad range of information, from disease mechanisms and diagnosis to treatment strategies and advancements in the field of pathology.

Detailed Study on Neoplasia

This resource provides an in-depth examination of neoplasia, the process of tumor formation. It discusses the genetic and molecular basis of neoplasia, the different types of neoplastic diseases, and potential treatment strategies.

Pathology Micro Short Essay Questions

This resource offers a collection of Short Essay Questions (SEQs) related to microbiology-focused pathology. It encourages a detailed understanding of the pathogenic microorganisms and their role in disease development.

Miscellaneous Pathology Short Essay Questions

This resource provides a set of Short Essay Questions (SEQs) covering a range of miscellaneous topics in pathology. It’s a valuable study tool that promotes a holistic understanding of pathology, including diverse areas not covered under the primary modules.

Pathology Short Essay Questions 2

This is the second compilation of Short Essay Questions (SEQs) in pathology. It continues to challenge students’ understanding of various pathology topics, promoting a deeper understanding of disease processes, diagnosis, and treatment strategies.

Special Bacteriology with Diagnosis

This resource offers a detailed study of special bacteriology, with a focus on diagnosis. It covers various bacteria of special interest, their characteristics, the diseases they cause, and the diagnostic techniques used to identify them.



A combined set of Short Essay Questions (SEQs) and Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) covering a range of topics in biology. This provides a comprehensive test of your understanding of various concepts.

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Grand Tests and Assignments Pathology SEQs+MCQs.pdf

Grand Tests and Assignments Pathology Miscellaneous SEQS and MCQs

A comprehensive compilation of grand tests and assignments in pathology, featuring a mix of short essay questions and multiple-choice questions, allowing you to test and enhance your understanding of various pathological concepts.

Grand Tests and Assignments Pathology SEQs+MCQs.pdf

Patho Annual, Sendup Past

A collection of previous annual and send-up examinations for Pathology. This resource allows students to revise and practice using real exam papers from past years.

Patho Send-up Proff Solved

A collection of solved questions from the Pathology send-up professional examinations. It can be an excellent resource for understanding question solving techniques and enriching knowledge in pathology.

MCQs Sendup 2018 Patho

A set of multiple-choice questions from the 2018 send-up Pathology exam. This provides an opportunity to test your knowledge and prepare for the exam format.

Annual 2018

A compilation of the content and questions from the annual Pathology exam of 2018. It offers insights into the type of questions asked and the level of understanding required.

Send up 2018+19

The send-up questions from the years 2018 and 2019. This collection can help students understand the kind of questions to expect and how best to prepare for their exams.

Special Bacteriology MCQs+SEQs

A combination of multiple-choice questions and short essay questions on Special Bacteriology. This tests your understanding of various aspects of bacteriology in a comprehensive manner.

Send up 2017

The collection of send-up questions from the year 2017. This can be used as a practice tool to understand the structure and format of the questions that are asked.

2014-2016 Annual

A collection of annual Pathology exam questions and content from the years 2014 to 2016. This can help students understand the pattern of questions over the years and prepare accordingly.

Annual 2020

A compilation of the content and questions from the annual Pathology exam of 2020. This provides insights into the more recent trends in the exam.

Patho Sendup-Prof

A collection of Pathology questions from the professional send-up examinations. It provides a comprehensive tool for practicing and preparing for these exams.

Prof 2018 MCQs

A collection of multiple-choice questions from the 2018 professional exam. These can be used to test your knowledge and prepare for similar future examinations.

Cell Injury General Microbiology SEQs+MCQs

A comprehensive set of Short Essay Questions and Multiple-Choice Questions focused on cell injury and general microbiology. This tests your understanding of these concepts in a thorough manner.

Send Ups_Proff MCQs

A set of multiple-choice questions from send-up and professional examinations. This can be used to prepare and revise for upcoming exams effectively.

Annual 2021

The annual Pathology exam content and questions from the year 2021. This gives you an understanding of the most recent exam pattern and the level of knowledge required.

Cell Injury, Healing and Repair, Inflammation

An integrated study of cell injury, the healing and repair processes, and inflammation. This resource covers the causes and consequences of cell injury and the body’s response to heal and recover.


The biological sciences are vast and ever-evolving, requiring constant learning and review. This guide offers you a concise view of several key areas within these disciplines, each specifically developed to aid in your understanding and knowledge retention. Whether you’re delving into cell injury concepts or exploring multiple-choice questions in microbiology, this collection is a valuable tool for students and professionals alike.

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